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English Connections is a service for groups and individuals living in Adelaide who are learning to speak and write in English to help their academic and social life in Australia.

The group workshops promote connecting with others and talking about a wide variety of topics by developing your confidence, fluency and vocabulary to have enjoyable and engaging conversations with other English learners and native English speakers. This will help you develop friendships and integrate within the Australian community with ease.

Individual private tutoring sessions and group workshops are designed to build confidence and help you reach your personalised goals.

Services Offered

Fluency Development Workshops

• These last two hours and teach a preliminary vocabulary development session prior to fluency development via engaging and interactive speaking activities

• At English Connections, we know that learners can better understand and connect to language when they have visual and verbal cues to work from as this helps the brain create connections between language and ideas

• English Connections also ensures learners feel comfortable in the learning environment and we understand the importance of interaction with other adult learners to learn the language well

• The discussions are conducted in a relaxed and fun yet structured way and in a safe environment

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Private Tutoring

• These sessions use your own English ability as a foundation to practice and build on your language skills

• The personalised approach of Private Tutoring ensures a professional approach, confidence building and personal feedback to help reach the goals of the student faster

• Once the needs of the student is clear, a program is designed for an agreed amount of hours and the times are scheduled with the teacher

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"Ariane teaches with passions. When we have lessons, it never feels like boring or scary because of her caring and positive nature. Her professional teaching experience well contributes to my learning experience and results. When she helped me with my IELTS writing, it felt like breaking through the surface and what she used to explain was the simplest language which was very easy to understand completely. Highly recommend this dedicated teacher."

Linje Chen

“Ariane is a nice teacher who has high teaching quality. The first thing is she is good at teaching English language expressions with a natural and clear voice and intonation. This is very friendly to non-native speakers. In addition, this sets the best mood and her high teaching enthusiasm helped me to get involved. Her fully interactive teaching model has effectively improved my comprehensive English ability which has been very useful for my further studies.”

Yunsi Yang

"Hi , Its me Samjhana, an international student from Nepal. I met Ariane in UNISA city west campus, she was my teacher during my ELICOS course. Being an international student I was not confident enough with my English, however I have improved my English a lot after attending class with her, especially with writing and speaking skills. I would recommend everyone to join with Ariane for English class!"


“Ariane has always been a highly professional and popular teacher who was able to make learning fun by keeping students engaged with the language presented, her patient nature, excellent communication skills and positive upbeat attitude to teaching. Her lessons always demonstrated a high level of organisational skills, meaningful content and cultural awareness. I wish her the best in her new business venture and am certain she will be successful running her own English Language Centre”

Sue Petty
UNISA CELUSA Director of Studies